03.-06.09.2020. VIRTUALNI KONGRES


All authors and presenters of an approved abstract are entitled to an early fee.

When making the registration please use promo code: ECBIP-Abstract

Preparing Your Presentation – Guide for Presenters

For all successful papers (both oral and poster presentations), all authors must read the important guidelines below, or download them here, which give you information on how to prepare and format your presentation and ensure you organize it to be ready for your presentation time slot.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations will be given in Elafiti congress room 1, according to the final version of the program which will be updated one week before the event (see http://ecbip2019.eu/programme/).

Each presenter is given 10 minutes to present their slide show, and 5 minutes for discussion and exchange with the audience, animated by the chair and co-chair of the session.

All oral presentation timeslots will be announced in the official program.

Each room is equipped with a laptop connected to the integrated video system of the venue: Lacroma hotel. All presenters are asked to use exclusively this system, and only this one, for their presentation. Please prepare your files on a USB key for transfer to the session room laptop. Presenters will not be allowed to disconnect the session room laptop and connect any other computers to the video system. Thus, presenters are kindly asked to prepare their presentations to be compatible with the ECBIP system.

The characteristics of the system are the following:

  • Computer system: WINDOWS 10 (in English)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 , with PowerPoint 2016 (.pptx , .ppsx), compatible with older format (.ppt , .pps)

A Preview Room, with 3  identical laptop configurations, will be freely accessible to presenters to check the compatibility of their presentation before uploading it to the session room laptop. We recommend presenters, especially those having developed their presentation on other systems like Apple or Linux platforms, to take the time and to check their presentation on these test laptops. We kindly ask you to take these suggestions into consideration to be sure not to disturb the time schedule of the Conference by incompatibility issues during  presentations in the session room.

Presentations must be uploaded on the session laptop during the break, at least 2 hours before the starting hour of the session. A session assistant will be there to help.

Sessions will start on time; the respect of the time schedule is essential to the success of the Conference. So, be sure to contribute to it with good preparation of your presentation. In case of any special needs, ask one of the ECBIP staff on the registration desk for help; they will do their best to assist you.

For your oral presentation please use a 16:9 format.

You can download a presentation draft with the Congress logo:

Template 1. – DOWNLOAD

Template 2. – DOWNLOAD

Poster presentation

At the ECBIP 2019, we will be using e-posters instead of conventionally printed posters. We are using e-posters to reduce carbon footprint and to save on the costs associated with printing and laminating a conventional poster.

What is an E-Poster?
An e-poster is an electronic version of the traditional boards and is displayed on monitor screens. The e-poster may include text, figures, and images, as well as video.

When can I view a specific poster?
A specific poster can be viewed at any time during the Congress. A specific time slot will not be required. Simply use one of the computers located in the e-poster area at a time convenient to you. You will be able to view all electronic posters as frequently, and as often as you wish.

E-Posters review
All accepted posters will be presented on a big screen in the Business center exhibition area, level 1, during an allocated timeslot.

The review committee will ask questions to authors of a specific poster, so the presenters are requested to be at the allocated spot in the timeslot that will be given to them prior to arriving at the Congress.

All poster timeslots will be announced in the official program and sent to each authors email.

Each poster has to be prepared and uploaded in the online system by May 1st.

Your presentation time will be printed in the Congress program. Please respect it, and be present at the Business center exhibition area, level 1 in due time.

E-Posters UPLOAD in .jpg / .png format

  • E- poster dimensions 1920×1080 pixel (landscape)
  • please do not use a font smaller than 10pt
  • file size needs to be less than 20MB

E-Posters UPLOAD in PowerPoint format

  • E-Poster is represented on only ONE slide
  • please do not use a font smaller than 10pt
  • file size needs to be less than 20MB
  • only 1 poster per abstract is permitted
  • E-Posters cannot include audio and video files, including animations to ensure you are using a correct format, we prepared a draft presentation HERE